Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Player/Stage Manual redux

The Player/Stage manual is finished!
The rest of this week will be sent sending it people so they can check it for typos / errors and then I'll release it here, my website and (hopefully) to the Player/Stage website!
I'm very excited that I've actually seen this (very long) project through and I can really add something of value to the robotics community.
At the start of the AIR 2009 summer cam we had to make presentations about who we were and what we do, I mentioned that I'd written a Player/Stage manual and there was a collective sigh of relief and cries of "Publish! Publish now!". It really surprises me that no-one's done this earlier. There seems to be such a massive demand for it?
Anyway dear readers and people who search for "Player/Stage" in Google, wait until next Monday (the 13th July) and you'll be able to download my manual for yourselves!

ETA: see my next post about the manual.

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